Word of the Year Cross Stitch Pattern

Word of the Year Cross Stitch Pattern

Do you have a word of the year?  Deciding on a word of the year has been very trendy lately.  That one word can be so inspiring and powerful.  It has the ability to drive your mindset and actions throughout the year.

My word of the year from last year was simplify.  I want to continue this word into the new year.  Simplify means "to reduce to its basic essentials."  This is the word I've chosen -again - to be my #wordoftheyear.

simplify word art cross stitch pattern

I find myself being pulled in so many directions that I end up feeling almost catatonic with indecision over the simplest of things.  I've decided to simplify my home, my work life, my expenses, my body and definitely my mind.  The new year just happened to coincide with my declaration.

I am now decluttering my guest bedroom, mudroom and garage.  If it hasn't been used or displayed within the last year - it goes.  I am currently eliminating any unneeded expenses. (Sorry, NetFlix - you don't make the cut.)  And I'm doing more yoga and herbal tea than running and soda.  (That's still a work-in-progress.)

While life can get extremely complicated, I've decided to approach everything with a "simplify" state-of-mind.  Do you have a word of the year?

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