Sunny Skies Subscription Club Reveal

Sunny Skies Subscription Club Reveal

Cross stitching is known to help our minds focus and the repetitive action of stitching contributes to reducing stress.  However, I want to highlight another benefit of cross stitching ~ A Sense of Accomplishment.  Completing a cross stitching project can be incredibly rewarding. Seeing your finished piece come to life, stitch by stitch, provides a sense of achievement and pride. Whether it's a small ornament or a framed artwork, each completed project is a testament to your skill and dedication.

Here at Dandelion Stitchery, I create designs that are able to be finished from over a weekend to a month.  This builds in that sense of accomplishment so you don't get side-lined with life.

This month's Dandelion Subscription Club design is the perfect cross stitch pattern for summer.  While stitching a simple and easy design, each X brings you the energy of the sun and soothing waves of the ocean.

sun and water waves counted cross stitch subscription of the month

I called this design Sunny Skies because I was inspired by my absolute joy in the warmth of the sun and the refreshing waters of the water in the pool, lake and ocean during the summer months. The energy that the sun provides helps me feel calm and relaxed (even when crossing things off my to-do list 😉).

sun and ocean counted cross stitch subscription of the month club

This Sunny Skies design is only available in the Dandelion Subscription Club for $15, through the month of June, 2024.

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