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At Dandelion Stitchery, you'll find uplifting cross stitch designs to inspire your life.  I believe you have every right to live your best life!


dandelion inspiration

Why Dandelion Stitchery?  Dandelion's persevere through all kinds of conditions.  They grow and thrive in places no one thought they could (much to the grumbling of my farmer husband).  Dandelion's are unassuming but they are so much more than expected.  I feel such a connection to that feeling!  Dandelion Stitchery is about that endurance; that lasting resilience.

My name is Pam.  I'm the owner and founder of Dandelion Stitchery.  Dandelion Stitchery began as an outlet for my own creations after I was unable to find cross stitch patterns that stimulated me or got my soul glowing.  My mission is to uplift humans to live his or her best life!

I have the best support from my husband of 25 years and our three boys.  This photo was taken when we were at Fort Benning, Georgia for my middle son's Army Basic Combat Training.  These boys continue to make me one super proud momma!