Are You a Book Lover?

Are You a Book Lover?

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Are you a book lover?  I'm completely obsessed with reading; reading fiction, reading nonfiction - I'm an equal opportunity reader.  A few of my favorites are:

  • American Spring by Walter R. Borneman; a book about the very beginnings of the United States around 1775
  • The Last Man by Vince Flynn; Mr. Flynn was such a great writer and this one is one of my favorites of his books.  I really love CIA, FBI and all international espionage books
  • ANYTHING written by Laura Griffin!  She's a romantic suspense writer who bases her books around Texas with a strong female as the lead

book lovers cross stitch pattern featuring just one more page words with book cart on white cross stitch fabric inside wood embroidery hoop

That is the inspiration behind this book lovers design.  As a child, I would read late at night; usually with a flashlight so mom or dad wouldn't see under the door.  However, sometimes they would find out and tell me to turn off the light and go to sleep.  What did I say?  Just one more page, please?

just one more page book lovers cross stitch design with words and a book library cart on white cross stitch fabric

As always, this design stitches up quick with just a few backstitches on the book cart.  Perfect gift for a librarian, school teacher, or your favorite reading fan.