5 Reasons Why You Should Try Cross Stitching

5 Reasons Why You Should Try Cross Stitching

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 I think you should try cross stitching.

And not just so I can sell you a kit or pattern.  It's actually the other way around: I began Dandelion Stitchery as as outlet for my cross stitching passion because I knew that if I needed simple cross stitch designs that I could finish in a few weeks, you would too.

Which leads me to my top 5 reasons why I think you should try cross stitching too:

1)  Cross stitching is very easy to learn.  The cross stitch fabric is beautifully designed in little squares.  Each stitch is composed of an X - come up through the fabric, go down through the fabric in a diagonal and repeat within that square.  That's it!  Oh the places those little Xs will take you!

pink embroidery thread in cross stitch heart with tapestry needle on white fabric

2)  Cross stitching is not expensive.  Grab yourself some cross stitch fabric (about $9), embroidery thread (each set is about $1), tapestry needle (about $4 for 5 needles) and an embroidery hoop (about $7).  You're ready to go.  Of course, don't forget the pattern.

3)  Cross stitching is very easy to take with you.  Everything slips into a purse or small bag.  Include miniature snips and everything can accompany you when your travel involves an airplane.  When my kids were younger, I would sit in my car while they had football practice and stitch away.  Depending on the light available, I would sometimes bring a small light that hooks on my embroidery hoop.

4)  You can cross stitch while binge watching your favorite shows.  This is actually one of my favorite things to do at the end of a brutal day.  Gather my cross stitch supplies, log in to my Amazon Prime account and choose a season of Law and Order.  The negative thoughts in my head begin to disappear, my attention becomes focused on enjoying the show while going up, going down, going up, going down with my needle.  Before I know it, I've stitched something beautiful and inspiring while focusing on me time.

cross stitch fabric in white and green with wood embroidery hoop, several sets of embroidery thread and cross stitch needles

5)  The most important reason to cross stitch is the meditative benefits that come from living in the moment.  Many people believe that doing activities that focus your attention, help reduce anxiety and depression.  When you begin stitching with slow and deliberate strokes, you soon realize that you can control your emotions.

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